If your home or office needs refreshing up we can help you with that. Our One Off Cleaning can be performed by one cleaner or a team of two cleaners, which ever will suit you best. Minimum request of 4 hours session.


Entrance Area: Clean Spiderwebs from corners and ceiling; Clean skirting; Wipe door and door handles; Wipe light switches; Vacuum carpet and wash hard floor.

Living/Dining/Sitting Room: Wipe door, Wipe light switches, Wipe skirting boards, Clean mirrors, Wipe table, Dust all surfaces, Clean inside windows and window sills, Vacuum carpet, Wash floor if necessary.

Bedrooms: Dust/wipe all skirting boards;Clean pictures and mirrors; Clean/wipe wardrobes and cupboards; Wipe beds and beds tables; Dust/wipe all lampshades and fittings; Cob webbing all ceilings; Clean windows frame and sills; Emptying rubbish bins and cleaning them inside/outside o Wipe light switches, door and door handles; Vacuum all carpets

Bathrooms and toilets: Clean shower/bath and sink to remove limescale and sanitizing; Remove lime scale,sanitizing from tiles/surfaces; Clean mirrors;Clean and sanitizing toilet inside/out
Clean windows from inside and sills; Empty rubbish bins and clean inside/outside; Wipe light switches,door and door handle; Vacuum all carpets and steam clean hardwood floors

Kitchen: Clean outside all cupboards and doors; Clean cookers, inside/outside; Clean microwave, inside/outside; Clean fridge and freezer, inside/outside

Wipe dishwasher, washing machine outside; Clean oven inside/outside

Clean toasters, kettles and all other kitchen appliances; Wipe all kitchen surfaces, door and door handles; Clean windows from inside and window sills; Empty and clean rubbish bin inside/outside;Wipe light switches; Vacuum all carpets and steam clean hardwood floors; Dust and wipe blinds in all rooms if any